Sept 27, 2018: DarqUI v3.1.1.6

A new version of DarqUI is available. Version includes the following new features and improvements:

Multi-account Camp window

  • Switch quickly between characters on different accounts
  • Add characters and servers automatically or manually
  • Preset account login info or input manually in-game
  • Give each account a nickname displayed on tab labels

Utility v3.1.1.6

  • Multi-account Shutdown (Camp) interface
  • Extended target alerts feature
  • New Letterbox configuration page
  • Corrected a bug in the Stat Monitor dropdown
  • Duplicate Settings window: fixed an issue with certain DPI settings
  • A new option to exclude DarqUI files when initially setting up
  • The updater can now offer to delete unused DarqUI files
  • Fixed some color list dropdown choices

Notes: DarqUI utility v3.1.1.6 or higher is required to set up the multi-account feature. Entering account usernames and passwords is optional. The single account quick-camp dropdown was not changed. The Shutdown (Camp) help file has been updated to explain fully the new feature.

If you are currently using the DarqUI account-switch feature on the main login page, please migrate to the new multi-account camp window. The old loginscene file is not compatible and will be deprecated in the near future.

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